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As one of the most complex activities that a person can perform, playing the piano does not know the age limits, but also the physical and mental possibilities. Everyone can become a good pianist in their own way and realize their musical potential.

Piano lessons can be designed and adapted to an individual or group in an unlimited number of ways. That flexibility inspires me and allows me to express myself unselfishly, creatively in working with students. Together with them, I am looking for the best, shortest and, of course, the most interesting way to their musical development.

Certain points are especially important to me:

• Individuality is central
• Student independence and active thinking
• Joy, fun and humor in teaching
• Recognize the abilities and needs of students
• Stylistically diverse literature, Pop-Jazz repertoire as well as Improvisation and group music making
• Modern teaching methods and the most current aids
• Target preparation for performances, auditions, competitions or entrance exams

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